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10 Commandments

At a time of unprecedented division in our country, Americans are surprisingly united on the issue of guns. The 10 Commandments below express what the majority of Americans agree on at any given time. Each commandment below exceeds 75% approval rate (rare in our divisive world). As the discourse changes, these commandments will change, too. Read them. Share them. Comment on them.

  1. Child safety is our top priority.
  2. Gun owners are responsible Americans.
  3. It is too easy for bad people to get a gun.
  4. Understand the Second Amendment.
  5. Keep people who act dangerously from owning dangerous weapons.
  6. Veterans, doctors, hunters, and police officers are trusted voices on gun safety.
  7. We worry about outsiders making laws that don’t work for us.
  8. Responsible gun owners store guns responsibly.
  9. The power to change our laws on guns belongs with the people.
  10. Removing guns alone does not solve the problem of gun violence.

Interestingly, people are most likely to respond to personal stories from people within their family, community, or network rather than engage on anything policy-specific. This is a sobering observation for organizations arguing facts and figures. The fact that the debate does not feature dominant discussions of policy and law such as concealed carry and assault weapons ban should be a wake-up call to those trying to influence this debate.