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The real story about guns in America is not the story you read about in the news every day. Civil discourse is being drowned out by hardliners on both sides. But away from special interests and echo chambers, Americans are having thoughtful and respectful conversations about guns. If you look, and you listen, you can see that there is a vast middle where Americans are united.

  • United in a belief that Americans have a right to bear arms AND a right to safe schools, homes, and communities.
  • United in a belief that most gun owners are responsible and should be treated that way.
  • United in a belief that we can support the Second Amendment and stop people from owning arsenals of weapons designed to do harm.
  • United in a belief that we can protect the responsible, AND prevent people who post a danger to themselves and others from getting guns.

Our mission is to return sanity to the discourse on guns in America by amplifying the stories of people like you who believe in a way forward.

It’s time to stop yelling about taking away all our guns. And it’s time to stop saying nothing can be done to make us safer. This is Main Street One. Proof that we can take back the gun debate through the middle.